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fyi: whenever you request my password, i recieve an email, silly goose. that is not hacking. that's being foolish

it's really pathetic whoever you are that you're trying to get my password. i've had countless journals (on other sites) that meant absolutely nothing to me, other than an outlet (besides my composition notebook) to release my inner thoughts about everything from fashion, music, & movies.. to my personal feelings, and now you wait until i get one that i love to try and hack? sorry, loser. it won't go down like that.

now that that's out of the way, on to the next person. give it up. you can show this journal to who you please and in the end i will prevail, and succeed in making you look like the drama loving, obsessed, insecure, miserable pathetic bitch that you are. it's high school to be so petty, and it's even lower than that to try and sabotage the friendships someone has for your own sick pleasure. it won't work. please stop, or you'll give yourself a stroke.

xoxo, taja.
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change is constant. because when you think about it, nothing ever really stays the "same". not even love. we switch from chanel to dior, mac to clinique, liking boys to loving men. sassy to fierce, but during all the change and transitions we go through, we keep our stilettos as high as our heads and walk with a grace and pizazz that can't be matched even if tried. because we're dedicated. and how do you spell that? w-o-m-a-n.

comment to be considered. ♥
i screen comments now.

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